What is machining technology?

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Machining technology refers to the process of changing the size or performance of the workpiece through a kind of mechanical equipment. According to the difference of processing methods, it can be divided into cutting and pressure processing.

What is machining technology?

Machine production process refers to the whole process of making products from raw materials (or semi-finished products). For machine production, it includes transportation and preservation of raw materials, preparation of production, manufacturing of blanks, processing and heat treatment of parts, assembly, debugging of products, painting and packaging, etc.

The content of production process is very extensive. Modern enterprises use the principles and methods of system engineering to organize production and guide production. The production process is regarded as a production system with input and output.

In the process of production, the process of changing the shape, size, location and nature of the production object into finished or semi-finished products is called process. It is the main part of the production process.

Process can also be divided into casting, forging, stamping, welding, mechanical processing, assembly and other process. Mechanical manufacturing process generally refers to the sum of parts processing process and machine assembly process. Other processes are called auxiliary process, such as transportation, storage, power supply, equipment maintenance. And so on.

The process is composed of one or several sequential processes, and a process is composed of several steps.

Production types are usually divided into three categories:

1. Single-piece production: Production of products of different structures and sizes individually, with little repetition.

2. Batch production: The same products are manufactured in batches in a year, and the manufacturing process has certain repeatability.

3. Mass production: The number of products manufactured is very large, and most workplaces often repeat the process of a part.

The machines needed for processing are digital display milling machine, digital display forming grinder, digital display lathe, electric spark machine, universal grinder, processing center, laser welding, medium wire-walking, fast wire-walking, slow wire-walking, cylindrical grinder, internal grinder, precision lathe, etc. They can be used for turning, milling, planer and grinding of precision parts. Such machines are good at precision processing. Car, milling, planer, grinding and other processing of dense parts, can process various irregular shape parts, the processing accuracy can reach 2 microns.

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